The Skillet Handle is a ruggedly beautiful area of scenic panoramas and richly abundant in wildlife
located on the Running Y Ranch Resort in Klamath Falls. Not only is this scenic area unique in its geography
bordering the wetlands of Caledonia Marsh on one side and Upper Klamath Lake on the other, but it contains historical
and cultural significant sites that are genuine resources of Klamath County.

It is an outstanding area for hiking, cross country skiing, mountain bike riding,
horseback riding & other activities. Additionally itís a great place to photograph
and observe many species of birds including eagles, swans, white pelicans, blue herons,
Canadian snow geese, a variety of ducks, red tailed hawks, and turkey vultures to name a few.

We feel the Skillet Handle is of an immense value to all. Please consider donating to our cause.